Bhangra was born as a folk dance to celebrate the warm harvest festival in Punjab, the northern state of India, and Pakistan. While it ushered the joyous month of harvest, it filled the air with sounds of drums, vocals and claps. Giving away the warm patriotism and music full of excitement. Bhangra took the form of boliyan (short poems) accompanied with the bass of the Dhol (drum).


Learning to dance with popular Indian film songs, ranging from the black and white era to the modern Bollywood style. Solo and group dances will be choreographed for on stage performance level. Filmi dances are available for both male and female dancers, preferably co-ed.


Giddha is Punjab’s most famous folk dance for women. In Giddha, the women enact verses called bolis, folk poetry, and dance with a clapping rhythm. The subject matter of these bolis include everything from arguments with the father-in-law to political affairs. The dance rhythm is set by the dhols and the distinctive hand claps of the dancers. These days, people associate Giddha with Bhangra. Giddha is very popular item at festivals like Teeyaan, where women and girls celebrate the coming of Monsoon season.